Hong Kong

Australia - 西澳大利亚珊瑚海岸

Diamond Tree, Australia's South West, Western Australia


Taiwan - 101 New Year Eve Fireworks, Taipei

Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia


Qatar - Khor Al Adaid

King George Falls, Australia's North West, Western Australia


France - Rhone Alpes Annecy

Hong Kong


Qatar - Souq Waqif


Guam - Dancers

Indonesia - Kecak Dance - Bali


Thailand - World Heritage Fair, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Qatar - Al Zubarah Fort

Hong Kong

Qatar - The Pearl

Hong Kong

Korea winter beauty in Namsan Park, Seoul


ANTOR news

Austrian National Tourist Office Welcome Qatar to ANTOR! [Aug 2019]

Qatar National Tourism Council’s mission is to firmly establish Qatar on the global map as a place where cultural authenticity meets modernity, and where people of the world come together to experience unique offerings in culture, sports, business and family entertainment.

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Austrian National Tourist Office 旅遊業界專享- 澳洲旅遊專家計劃 [Jul 2019]

為了讓旅遊業界更了解推介澳洲的知識和專業技能,獲得最新的澳洲旅遊產品資訊,澳洲旅遊局及8個州和領地旅遊局共同推出「一站式」澳洲旅遊專家計劃。 即日起至2020630日前,旅遊業界的朋友只要完成網上五個培訓單元,成為合資格澳洲旅遊專家,更可獲豐富的迎新禮物。詳情請瀏覽澳洲旅遊專家網站https://www.aussiespecialist.com/zh-hk

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Austrian National Tourist Office Discover Spain at ITE Seminar [Jun 2019]

Welcome to “New routes to discover Spain” at 13:30-14:30hr at ITE Seminar on 13 June 2019 at HKCEC. New itineraries for Spain by TURESPAÑA.

HKG ITE Fair Booth V101, Hall IE Spanish participants description in English


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Austrian National Tourist Office 德國國家旅遊局2019年度主題:百年包豪斯 [Jun 2019]

香港,2018年7月24日 – 2019年適逢包豪斯成立100周年,德國國家旅遊局(GNTB)將以“百年包豪斯“作為其年度主題,在全球推廣旅遊勝地德國。

GNTB 2019 Theme Year - Bauhaus 100

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Austrian National Tourist Office 第45屆德國旅遊交易會(Germany Travel MartTM) [May 2019]

德國旅遊交易會圓滿結束 德國旅遊業表現出眾
香港,2019年5月28日 – 德國國家旅遊局(GNTB)舉辦的第45屆Germany Travel MartTM (簡稱GTM) 落下帷幕,為旅遊勝地德國最重要的專業展會增添新的一章。



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Austrian National Tourist Office 澳洲旅遊局 X 西澳州旅遊局 夥拍GO WILD 出走西澳 [[May 2019]

澳洲旅遊局、西澳州旅遊局夥拍本港一站式旅遊用品專門店Go Wild,以「Go Wild 出走西澳」為主題,透過曾於西澳工作假期的人氣KOL 黃寶漳 (Mixson)重遊西澳拍攝短片、推出西澳主題的Go Wild專門店、以及一系列宣傳攻勢,將西澳最令人嚮往的自然風光帶到大家眼前!精彩內容請瀏覽澳洲旅遊局官方網站  https://www.australia.com/zh-hk/campaigns/go-wild-adventure-australia.html 


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Austrian National Tourist Office 東方昇、伍家謙同你《玩盡百二歲》[May 2019]

由澳洲旅遊局聯同 Klook 製作,再夥拍兩位「靚仔、高大、大膽」的主播,《100毛》東方昇(原名王嘉偉)及前體育新聞主播伍家謙(Vince Ng)拍檔主持,前往澳洲發掘維多利亞及南澳值得欣賞的旅遊勝地。2集特輯將帶你去南澳飲飲食食,親親澳洲本土動物;玩轉維多利亞,玩盡百二歲!精彩內容請瀏覽澳洲旅遊局官方網站 https://www.australia.com/zh-hk/campaigns/klookand100most2019.html


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Austrian National Tourist Office 日日煮全新澳洲旅遊節目《打工仔慢遊澳洲》[May 2019]

為了讓香港打工仔發掘更多必去景點,澳洲旅遊局特別夥拍坎培拉旅遊局及澳洲維多利亞州旅遊局,聯同本地社交平台日日煮 (Day Day Cook) 於坎培拉及維多利亞兩地拍攝全新旅遊節目《打工仔慢遊澳洲》,跟著「煮」播SarahYouTuber Emi Wong慢遊澳洲。《打工仔慢遊澳洲》共6集,精彩內容請瀏覽澳洲旅遊局官方網站 https://www.australia.com/zh-hk/campaigns/daydaycook2019.html

Sarah和Emi即場在墨爾本的Advance Mussel Supply烹調新鮮青口

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Austrian National Tourist Office Guam

Located in the heart of the Western Pacific, Guam is an island territory of the United States, the largest of the Mariana and Micronesian islands, and home to some of the warmest people in the world. Known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean waters, Guam is a perfect destination for families, honeymooners, divers, and anyone looking to relax and get away from crowded city life. And with non-stop flights to Guam from Hong Kong – between 4 and 5 hours – getting away is quick, easy, and convenient.

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Austrian National Tourist Office ANTOR Tree Planting Day [Apr 2019]

Blessed with a good weather, Team ANTOR planted 150 trees today (28 Apr 2019) at the Tai Lam Country Park.  Thanks to all industry partners who donated at the ANTOR Christmas Party 2018 and Conservancy Association's Tree Planting Day, Hong Kong will have 2,000 more trees from today.

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