What is ANTOR (HK)

The Association of National Tourist Office Representatives in Hong Kong, ANTOR (HK), comprises of nineteen Hong Kong based National Tourism Organizations and representatives.

Mission Statment

ANTOR (HK) is a voluntary, non-profitable, and non-political association of the representatives of national tourist organizations and representatives based in Hong Kong. The Association exists to exchange views on matters of mutual concerns and interests within the major promotional sector of the travel industry. It will also assist in improving operational techniques and standards of travel destination marketing by providing a non-commercial (and collective) point of view.


  • ANTOR (HK) is expected to remain as a non-profit group or organization of national tourism organizations and representatives in Hong Kong.
  • ANTOR (HK) will meet regularly to discuss areas of concerns on issues of relevant importance to outbound tourism, such as briefings on destination issues, and joint fund raising and promotional efforts to enhance outbound traffic from Hong Kong.

About Our Membership

  1. Members of ANTOR (HK) should be established organizations with active operations in Hong Kong. Applicants for admission to membership of the ANTOR (HK) should also be established organizations at the time of application and admission to membership.
  2. Each of the members of the ANTOR (HK) shall have a strong connection to the Hong Kong outbound market.
  3. Members should undertake to send an official representative to each meeting of the ANTOR (HK), and any member with three successive absences (without giving apology or notice of absence) will automatically be deleted from the membership roster.
  4. Members should undertake to accept a reasonable share of responsibility and workload in supporting the activities of the ANTOR (HK).
  5. Each member agrees to host, chair and prepare the minutes of the ANTOR (HK) meeting on a rotational basis, with the minimum attendance of at least ten (10) member organizations. In the event that the minimum number of required attendance is not enough in any meeting, the Chairman will reschedule another meeting at an appropriate date.
  6. Notice of Admission of New Member as an agenda item of the ANTOR (HK) meeting should be duly given to members prior to such a meeting.
  7. The decision as to whether to admit new members to the ANTOR (HK) shall be decided by a majority vote of the existing members present at an ANTOR (HK) meeting. The decision made at such meeting shall be final.
  8. Membership of any member of the ANTOR (HK) may be terminated by more than three-quarters of the vote of the organizations represented at the ANTOR (HK) meeting (excluding the member whose termination of membership is being considered). Notice of intention to terminate any existing members membership of ANTOR (HK) shall be an agenda item of the ANTOR (HK) meeting, and notice should be duly given to all members prior to such meeting.
  9. Each new member shall, as a condition of its membership of ANTOR (HK), be required to sign a copy of these Conditions of Membership whereby it agrees to adhere to the conditions set out herein.
  10. By Laws can be changed by more than three-quarters of the vote of the organizations represented at the ANTOR (HK) meeting provided that the notice of Change to Conditions of Membership is duly given to members prior to such meeting.
  11. This Mission Statement is not a legal binding document.