Running Races in Spain [Jul 2018]

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Invernal of Motorland:
• Date: To half of January
• Place: Alcañiz (Teruel)
• Distance: 42 km
• Web page:
• It integrates diverse disciplines (running, skating, handbike, career bicycle, BTT …). 15€ destined for charitable causes are the price. Diverse Olympic athletes give themselves appointment. The marathon running is based in turning to the circuit of motorbike GP of Motorland

Mann Filter, Zaragoza´s Marathon:
• Date: To half of May
• Place: City of Saragossa
• Distance: 42 Km
• Web page:
• Awards in cash.

Ebro´s Race
• Date: At the end of February
• Place: Juslibol y San Gregorio (Zaragoza).
• Distance: 29,5 Km
• Web page:

It is a circular tour, with different slopes. It passes for roads, paths and cliffs. At the beginning, it is a military race, but they can take part also civilians.

Trail 2 Heaven:
• Date: September
• Place: Llanos del Hospital-Benasque
• Distance: 48Km, +2590m
• Web page:
• The race is not linear. It continues a road used in the Middle Age. If you take part in it, you will enjoy France and Spain in only one race. It is advisable to have mountain license, although not obligatory.

Trail Murallas de Daroca (Trail Walls of Daroca):

Trail Mallos de Riglos (Trail Riglos’ Mallos):
• Date: In the middle of April
• Place: Riglos-Linas de Marcuello
• Distance: 30Km, +1800m
• Web page:

Moncayo Trail Barranco de Horcajuelo (Moncayo Trail Horcajuelo’s Cliff)
• Date: In the middle of April
• Place: Natural reserve of the Moncayo-Añón de Moncayo
• Distance: 43Km
• Web page:
• Circular route

Las Graderas del Valle Vió (The graderas of the Vió Valley):
• Date: At the beginning of May
• Place: Sobrarbe
• Distance: 60Km
• Web page:
• There are different forms of trails, like one of 30km

O Viento Rondador:
• Date: In the middle of May
• Place:: Boltaña-Ascaso-Jánovas-Seso-Campodante-San Martín-Sieste-Lavalle
• Distance: 42Km, +2400m
• Web page:
• Race in semiautonomy

Crestas del infierno (Combs of the hell):
• Date: At the end of May
• Place: Gavín (Huesca)
• Distance: 30Km
• Web page:
• Circular. Events in high mountain.

Gran Maratón Montañas de Benasque (Big Marathon Mountains of Benasque)
• Date: In the middle of June
• Place: Benasque-Cerler
• Distance: 42Km
• Web page:
• It passes for the GR-11, crossing a series of vales. There is another alternative itinerary of 28km

Perimetral de Javalambre (Perimeter of Javalambre)
• Date: In the middle of June
• Place: Ski resort of Javalambre
• Distance: 41,5 Km, +2004m
• Web page:
• There is another race of 26Km. There is runners limit

Trail Bronchales:
• Date: At the beginning of July
• Place: Bronchales-Noguera-Corral del Tío Martín-Sierra Alta-Sierra de Albarracín
• Distance: 43Km, +2060m
• Web page::

Pirineos Fit:
• Date: At the beginning of July
• Place: Jaca
• Distance: Diferentes circuitos que varían de los de 22Km hasta 234Km.
• Web page::
• Different circuits that change of those 22 Km up to 234Km

Gran Trail Aneto-Posets (Big Trail Aneto-Posets)
• Date: In the middle of July
• Place: Benasque
• Distance: 55Km (Lap to the Aneto) y 42Km (Tucas’ Marathon)
• Web page:

La Calcenada del Moncayo (Moncayo’s Calcenada)
• Date: At the beginning of August
• Place: Moncayo
• Distance: 104Km, +2235m
• Web page::
• The kilometers can be done walking, running or on horseback. It is difficult, although it has covered also with less distances to do in bicycle, walking or running. It is turned it completes the Moncayo.

CxM. Sus Scrofa:
• Date: In the middle of August
• Place: Mosqueruela
• Distance: 32Km, +1160m
• Web page:

• Date: At the beginning of September
• Place: Canfranc
• Distance: 100Km, +9000m; 75Km, +6500m; 45Km, +3910m
• Web page:
• Different circuits

Puyada a Oturia: (Puyada to Oturia)
• Date: In the middle of September
• Place: Sabiñanigo
• Distance: 38Km, +4400m
• Web page:

Maratón de Javalambre. La Maja (Javalambre`s Marathon. The “Maja”)
• Date: In the middle of September
• Place: La Puebla de Valverde
• Distance: 48Km, +2650m
• Web page:
• Asphalt, road and path gets together

Ultra Trail Guara-Somontano
• Date: At the beginning of October
• Place: Alquezar
• Distance: 103, 52 o 38 Km
• Web page:
• Asphalt, road and path gets together

Os foratos de Lomenas:
• Date: At the end of October
• Place: Torla-Ordesa
• Distance: 44Km, +3500m
• Web page:
• Circuit. Supportive race. Different types of routes.