Discover Spain at ITE Seminar [Jun 2019]

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Welcome to “New routes to discover Spain” at 13:30-14:30hr at ITE Seminar on 13 June 2019 at HKCEC. New itineraries for Spain by TURESPAÑA.

HKG ITE Fair Booth V101, Hall IE Spanish participants description in English

Full of lonely places of outstanding natural beauty, along the Northern coastline you can find mountains, beaches, cliffs, rivers, gorges and valleys with countryside villages caressing the seashore. One of the best way to discover the North of Spain is the traditional Way of St. James. 

Spain’s cultural richness is unique, brilliant and diverse. A luxury for the senses. In Spain you’ll find unique monuments, as well as outstanding museums and masterpieces of universal art. You can stroll around cities that will transport you back to past times. With 45 World Heritage Sites and 15 World Heritage Cities, Spain is one of the world top countries according to UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Home of 11 Michelin 3-star restaurants and 23 Michelin 2-star restaurants, Spanish gastronomy is well known worldwide.

Spain can offer from traditional design craft shops to trendy and deluxe fashions to visitors who enjoy one of Europe’s longest opening times and high Tax Free returns. Choose your style and enjoy a full day’s shopping in Spain.

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