Australia Entry Update- April 2022 澳洲入境資訊- 2022年4月

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Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

With the reopening of Australia’s borders to fully vaccinated international visitors from 21 February 2022, the Department of Home Affairs has developed the Australian ETA app which allows individuals and travel representatives to make a visa application simply and securely using a mobile device.

Currently, Hong Kong passport holders could submit their Electronic Travel Authority (ETAs) exclusively through the Australian ETA app channel. The old ETA industry and web channels for ETA applications will remain suspended at this time.

From 6 April 2022, access to the AustralianETA App is expanded to all ETA eligible passport holders. Once you have a visa, you can find information on other Australian entry requirements here.

In-built industry functionality within the AustralianETA smartphone app will allow industry representatives to provide in-person support to individuals with their ETA application (i.e. travel agents will still be able to help their customers using the ETA app). In order to register on the app an agent needs to provide an IATA numeric code (travel agency) or verification number (travel agent ID) and their approval date. The applicant still needs to be present in order to take a selfie and scan their passport, so agents cannot lodge on behalf of an applicant in another location. The AUD20 is a service fee applicable to all applications lodged via the ETA app, whether lodged by an individual or an agent.

Pre-departure Testing

As of 18 April 2022, pre-departure testing is not required for entry into Australia. International travellers into and out of Australia will still be required to provide proof of double vaccination against COVID-19. Travellers will also still be required to wear a mask while on international flights based on medical advice. However we strongly recommend a rapid antigen test is completed 24 hours prior to travel. You also have to check states and territory arrival requirements when you are planning your trip.

電子旅行簽證 (ETA)

2022 年 2 月 21 日起,隨著澳洲邊境對完全接種疫苗的國際遊客重新開放,內政部開發了「AustralianETA」 應用程式,讓個人和旅行社代理以手機設備申請澳洲簽證。

現時,持有香港護照的旅客僅能透過手機應用程式「 Electronic Travel Authority 」申請電子旅行簽證 (ETA)。原有的ETA代辦機構及網站申請管道目前仍暫停服務。

2022 年 4 月 6 日起,AustralianETA 應用程式的使用已擴大至所有符合 ETA條件的護照持有人 all ETA eligible passport 。獲得簽證後,您可以在這裡 here 找到有關入境澳洲的信息。

而「AustralianETA」程式內建的「企業/機構」功能,讓企業/機構代表能透過APP提供個人化服務,即旅行社仍能透過此應用程式幫助客戶申請ETA。在應用程序上註冊時,旅行社代理需要提供 IATA數字代碼 (旅行社) 或驗證號 (旅行社 ID) 及其批准日期。由於需要申請人在場拍攝照片並掃描護照,因此旅行社代理不能代表客戶在另一個地方提出申請。 無論是個人還是旅行社代理,所有通過 ETA 應用程式提交申請的服務費均為20澳元。


2022年4月18 日起,完全接種疫苗的國際旅客入境澳洲無需進行出發前檢測 ,不需要提供新型冠狀病毒陰性檢測結果。但出入境澳洲的國際旅客仍需提供至少兩針認可的新冠疫苗接種證明,以及在乘坐國際航班時佩戴口罩。 我們仍強烈建議旅客在出發前 24 小時完成自行快速抗原檢測,及了解各州份及領地入境要求 states and territory arrival requirements ,確保旅程順暢 。