Australia Invites Hong Kong Travelers to Come and Say G’day

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Tourism Australia has launched its newest campaign, Come and Say G’day, to remind Hong Kong why There’s Nothing Like Australia and invite Hong Kong travellers to plan and book an Australian holiday. In line with the campaign, Tourism Australia has for the first time invited its 1.8-meter-tall global brand ambassador, Ruby the kangaroo, to Hong Kong. An “Australia Experience Shop” and two “Australia Photo Spots” have been established at Harbour North in North Point, inviting everyone to come and say G’day! The kick-off ceremony was held on 7 September, and was attended by over 50 media and key opinion leaders.

From September 7 to October 6, Ruby the kangaroo will hop around at Harbour North Phase 1. The short film G’Day will be showcased in the “Australia Experience Shop” located on the first floor and two “Australia Photo Spots” located on the first and ground floors. The adorable Ruby will also intermittently hop on Harbour North’s outdoor screen to invite everyone to come and check in. On the weekends during the promotional period, there’s Aussie Specialists on-site to introduce Australia travel products and drive conversion.