Important Notice 重要通告

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由2024年1月1日起,入境馬來西亞必須於抵步前3日登入以下網址或掃二維碼(於附加文件),填寫及遞交馬來西亞電子入境表格 (MDAC)。


  • 填寫MDAC後,旅客需到人手櫃枱進行打指模及護照認證程序並入境。
  • 成功登記後,旅客離境馬來西亞時,便可使用自動櫃枱出境。


  • 出發前3天填寫MDAC,無論入境或出境,均可使用自動櫃枱。


  • 新加坡居民
  • 外交護照持有人
  • 馬來西亞永久居民及長期居留證持有人(包括MM2H)
  • 汶萊身分證明書持有人 (GCI)
  • 汶萊馬來西亞頻繁往來證明書持有人
  • 泰國邊境證明書持有人
  • 印尼跨境旅客證明書持有人 (PLB)



From 1 January 2024, all foreign citizens travelling to Malaysia must complete and submit the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MADC) within 3 days prior to arrival in Malaysia via the below website or scan the attached QR code.

First Time Visit after 1 January 2024

  • Enrol and verify your passport at manual counter
  • Eligible to use Malaysia Auto-gate for departure after successful enrolment

On Subsequent Visit

  • Complete and submit “MDAC” within 3 days prior to your arrival in Malaysia, use Autogate for arrival and departure

Exception of submission MDAC

  • Citizens of Singapore;
  • Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders;
  • Malaysia Permanent Residents and Long-term Pass Holders (MM2H included);
  • General Certificate of Identity (GCI) Brunei Darussalam Holders;
  • Brunei Malaysia Frequent Traveller Facility Holders;
  • Thailand Border Pass Holders;
  • Indonesia Cross-Border Travel Document (PLB) Holders