World Cultures Fiesta [Jan-Apr 2010]

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World Cultures Fiesta, Jan-Apr 2010

ANTOR is the supporting organization of “World Cultures Fiesta”.  The World Cultures Fiesta is a four-month-long programme jointly organised by ET-English and English Street. Aiming to promote the use of English for cultural understanding in an authentic environment and provide students with Other Learning Experience (OLE), the Programme consists of a series of events taking place from January to April 2010:
‧Online Proposal-Writing Competition on promoting Hong Kong’s tourism for all participating students
‧Workshop Series for finalists on topics of cultural understanding, business English writing, speaking and presentation
‧Public Carnival featuring cultural exhibitions, multimedia presentation competition and stage performance   

The Programme is open to all Hong Kong secondary schools.  ANTOR members were heavily involved in doing workshops, radio interviews for students and were judges for the competition.

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