Top 5 Cutest Animals in Australia

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From koala cuddles to getting up-close to adrenaline inducing crocs; experience Australian animals at one of these top-quality zoos and sanctuaries. Here are some of our favourite zoo experiences from all corners of the country.


1. Quokka 短尾矮袋鼠
Quokkas have been dubbed the “happiest animals on the earth”. These smiley creatures are native to Rottnest Island, Western Australia. The best time to spot them is mid-to-late afternoon. Try to grab a quick selfie!


2. Kangaroo 袋鼠
There are about 50 million kangaroos in Australia. So there’s plenty of places to see them in the wild
Visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. Where you can nurse a baby kangaroo, know as a joey.

澳洲大約有五千萬隻袋鼠,所以很多地方可以看到野生袋鼠,參觀愛麗斯泉的Kangaroo Sanctuary,你將有機會體驗照顧袋鼠寶寶,也稱為Joey。

3. Wombat 袋熊
Wombats are found in the southern parts of Australia. Maria Island in Tasmania is a hot spot for wombats. They just love eating grass. You’ll be obsessed with these fluffy little boulders!ges – Tasmania


4. Koalas 樹熊
Spot koalas in the wild in bushland throughout Australia. Cuddle one at in Queensland and South Australia! There are 130 koalas live at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland.


5. Echidna 針鼴
Echidnas are Australia’s most widespread native animals. But they’re very shy!Although they’re spikey, they have a cute snout and waddle. You can meet an echidna at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

針鼴是澳洲最廣泛的本土動物,但他們很怕醜羞!雖然它們很多刺,但有一個可愛的鼻子和搖搖擺擺,您可以在Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park看到針鼴。