Hong Kong TV Travel Program Goes Live

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Hong Kong free-to-air TV channel TVB Jade launched its latest travel program ‘Travel with Buddies’- Australia chapter travelogue during prime time from 26 September. The program showcase variety of New South Wales offerings, from Campervan to houseboats, from Bicycle to 4WD – offering a new perspective of how to travel. Over 4.5 episodes, 3 artists Owen Cheung, Winki Lai and Brian Chu showcase Sydney/ Warrane and regional New South Wales, including Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, promoting 4 key pillars; food & wine, nature & wildlife, soft adventure activities and signature experiences. TVB’s Jade channel travelogue broadcast reach 5.4 million in-home viewers in Hong Kong every week. Jade channel also penetrates Guangdong province, which attracts substantial viewership in cities of the Greater Bay Area. For more details, please refer to the Australia.com.