Experience Macao Celebration Style Gourmet Cocktail Reception (25 Oct 2019)

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MGTO organized the Experience Macao Celebration Style Gourmet Cocktail Reception was held on 25 October 2019 at InterContinental Hong Kong. Food bloggers and influencers, gastronomy stakeholders and chefs were invited to join the event. They enjoyed the inspiring sharing session and stage performances, as well as the customized tote bag and delicious refreshments.

The magician shows were entertaining and the influencers sharing provided interesting experience of Macao tourism from different perspectives. The demonstration and sharing by Chefs and Bartender successfully raised guests’ awareness on Macanese food culture and Macao’s as a Creative City of Gastronomy. 

There were also photo booth and souvenir station designed with the celebration of 20th MSAR Establishment as major theme. Guests were encouraged to share these photos on their social media with hashtag #CelebrateMacao20, which could share this joyful occasion with their fans and followers.